Migration Surveys

These pages last updated February 20, 2010

It appears that Owen County was originally settled by various affiliated or extended families. These families contained various surnames that had traveled together from some common county and state, and in some cases from a still earlier county. In the county just prior to the migration to Owen County, Indiana, they frequently allied themselves with other families that had done the same and then these augmented and affiliated families moved to Owen County, Indiana. The purpose of this survey is to get some better idea as to how much of Owen County was settled by these homogeneous groups rather than by individuals moving into the county. It is recognized that some individuals did come by themselves, mostly educated persons offering their services as clerks, lawyers, preachers, teachers etc. Included in this group is Orrin Gallup, Joseph Freeland and Alexander McBride.

These lists are not to be considered as a citeable or precise survey but it is hoped that it will be useful and enjoyable.



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