Salem Methodist Episcopal Church

This is one of the old religious organizations in the township and dates its history from about the year 1826 and was still a flourishing society at the end of the 19th century. Among the early members were Valentine Lyon and wife, Samuel Deane and wife, John Deane and wife, Robert Deane and wife with the children of the respective families. The name of the minister who organized the society cannot be ascertained, as no authentic records of the church have been kept; but among the earliest preachers are remembered Revs. __Strange, Daniel Anderson, ___Smith, James Armstrong and Aaron Wood. Services were held for several years at the residences of different members and later at a log house of worship erected prior to 1836, which stood in the southern part of the township on ground occupied by the present edifice. The present building is a frame structure and was erected about the year 1848. It has been remodeled several times since its erection and is still a comfortable meeting place. During all the years of its history, the society has been an active organization, and from its members several other congregations have, at different times been organized. It is the mother church of the society at Quincy, of Mt. Zion in Jennings township and Wesley Chapel in Montgomery township.

There were in 1884 about sixty members on the records. Church officials were ; John S. Snodgrass, Class Leader; James A. Lyons and George C. Craddick, Stewards; James Lyon, V.W. Hartsock and Jesse Jones, Trustees; J.S. Snodgrass, Superintendent of the Sunday School. The last pastor was Rev. W.E. Davis.


Quincy Methodist Episcopal Church

This society, an offshoot of the Salem Church was organized in the year 1854, by Rev. Henry Dane at the residence of Mr. Gillaspy who lived a short distance from the village of Quincy. A house of worship was erected the same year in the western part of the town on ground donated by William Vestle and cost the sum of $1000. A neat parsonage was built three year later. Among the early pastors of the church were Revs. Henry Dane, J.W. Chord, Stephen Anderson, Joseph Asbury, Parker Poynter, and __Green. Later came Revs. ____Irwin, J.C. Moore, Gideon Heavenridge, D.M. Smith, Simon Herr, James Hamilton, T.S. Brook, Thomas Whitled and ___Bell. In 1884 the preacher was Rev. J.T. Allen. At its organization the church was attached to the Indianapolis Circuit and later it became the head of Quincy Church.

The late officers elected were the following: D.H. McDonald, Recording Steward; W. T. Wigal, Steward; L.H. Gillaspy, W.T. Wigal, R. McClarren, J.C. McIlvane and D.H. McDonald, Trustees; Dr. D.H. McDonald is Superintendent of the large and florishing Sabbath school, which had an average attendance of over eighty scholars.


Baptist Church of Quincy


This organization is an offshoot of the Little Mount Church of Wayne township and dates its origin from the year 1858. It has always sustained regular preaching and in the mid 1880's was one of the largest and most active congregations of the Friendship Association, numbering about 230 members in good standing. The first services of the church were held in the Methodist house of worship which was used as a meeting place until an edifice of their own was erected a few years after the organization. Their temple of worship is a beautiful frame building, situated on ground donated by William Combs and with improvements recently added is valued at $1800. The first pastors were Elders Beaman and John Mugg, who served the church successively and successfully until about the year 1869 at which time Elder W. Trent was called. his pastorate exended over a period of ten years, during which time the congregation was greatly strengthened and built up. Elder G.W. Terry succeeded Trent and preached four years. The board of officers in 1884 were: John J. Whitaker, Moderator; W.R. Mugg, Clerk; John D. Whitaker, John M. Mugg, James Davis and Dr. Mullinix, Deacons; Richard Mugg, L.M. Combs and William Beaman, Trustees. Dr Fisher was Superintendent of the Sunday School


Christian Chapel Church


This society was organized on April 6, 1873 in the northern part of the township by Elder J. M. Henry of Gosport with the following charter members: J.D. Montgomery, Elizabeth Montgomery, Mary Bean, William M. Jeffers, Nancy J. Jeffers, E. G. Scott, Mary A. Scott, William H. Montgomery, Leanah Montgomery, Sarah Devore, J.S. Montgomery and Thenia Montgomery. The first officers chosen were J.D. Montgomery and E.G. Scott, Elders; William Jeffers and J.S. Montgomery, Deacons. The pastors of the church have been Elders J. M. Henry, who preached two years, ___ Littell who served three years; C.W. Martz, two and a half years; while at intervals the pulpit has been supplied by Elders Frank, Hodsin, Lockhart, Berry, Treat, Dillon and others. A neat house of worship was erected the same year of the organization on land donated by J.D. Montgomery. It is a frame, 32x45 feet in size and will comfortably seat 400 persons and cost the sum of $1200.